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Tiger’s Claw

While many online casino games are bright and cheery, Betsoft released Tiger’s Claw in March of 2018 as a darker themed game meant to appeal to hardcore players. Its 3D graphics are a staple of most of the newest online slot machine games by Betsoft.

A Theme For The Darker Side of Life

The main setting of Tiger’s Claw is the mountains of the Himalayas, setting a mood that most other slot machines lack. Within the theme of the game includes nearby residents and the culture they live in. This gives it an appeal that those who are comfortable in the wild can easily appreciate.

3D Game Symbols

tigers claw slotAmong the most important symbols in this game include the Himalaya Mountains, which serve as its wild symbol. Other themed symbols include the Shaman, who serves as one of a pair of scatter symbols seen on the reels. The Shaman’s role in Tiger’s Claw is to reward lucky players with a significant cash payout. The claw of a tiger is fittingly used as the other scatter symbol. This is the one that often excites players because it can lead to them receiving free spins.

Five Tiger’s Claw symbols on the reels at once rewards players with as many as eight free spins. Since the free spins feature can also be reactivated while it is being played, it is possible to get up to 240 spins of the reels for free. Non-bonus symbols seen on the reels all match the game’s theme. They include statues of gold idols, white tigers, ceremonial masks, drums, crystals, eagles and drawings etched into stones.

A Mood Setting Background

As for the background of the game, it features a beautiful mountain backdrop. While the mountain fills one half of the game screen, the other half is filled with a tent that the shaman calls home. Players who are familiar with it will realize that the game is set deep in Siberia on a cold winter night. The sky in the opening sequence of the game is lit up by the aurora borealis. The tent that serves as Shaman’s home is seen perched at the edge of the mountain and players will notice that a fireplace is roaring inside.

In this way, the background and the symbols come together to perfectly reflect the intended theme of Tiger’s Claw. It creates a moody, dark backdrop that can make the hair on the back of any player’s neck stand at full attention.

The full effect of the game’s theme is felt when the background music is factored in. Said to be modeled on spiritual songs, it accompanies the sound of the harsh wind of a cold winter night, making it a truly immersive experience.

Final Analysis of Tiger’s Claw

Tiger’s Claw may not be a game for the faint of heart. Its spine tingling action is just what many players are looking for. With movie quality graphics and sound effects, this online slot is truly a sight to behold and one not soon forgotten.