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The Mummy

Fans of Brendan Fraser’s “The Mummy” will likely enjoy the online slot machine game that pays homage to it. However, there are elements of the game that make it enjoyable even for players who have never seen the movie it is based on.

The Mummy Slot – Based on the movie

mummy slot reviewEverything about the game is representative of the movie. It even begins with a movie quality introduction video that helps explain the game to players. When the game launches, players will see that the reels are filled with the faces of Evy and Rick, as well as the scorpion, mummy and high priest. In addition, other symbols used in the game include a pair of guns, treasures and even scarab beetles. The mummies act as the game’s wild symbol while the movie’s official logo serves as the scatter symbol. An additional symbol is what triggers free spins for players.

One of the most exciting aspects of the game is its random bonus round. Referred to as the Mummy Hunt, it sends players on a quest to kill as many as 10 zombies before the round ends. The more mummies a player kills, the bigger their cash prize is.

Lost City Adventure Round

Other reasons why the game has become so popular include its Lost City Adventure round. It combines all of the game’s best features into one exciting bonus. Any of the features can be activated at any time during this part of the game. It begins with players watching a clip taken directly from the original movie’s sequel. After the clip has been played, the game switches to a new screen that shows a Lost City chamber. Within the chamber lie several crates, each of which contains treasures that translate to cash winnings for players.

When a player uncovers the word collect, that part of the bonus ends and players may then win a feature. If they don’t win one, normal gameplay resumes. However, if they do win a feature, they are given an explanation of what each one entails. Normal gameplay resumes and players are then treated to the feature that they won, such as free spins or collapsing reels.

Features of the slot

Those who are playing with real money will find they can access eight of the game’s features, something that can’t be done during free play. For this reason alone, The Mummy stands out from most other online slot machines.

The impressive graphics and sound effects make this game a real treat for so many players. It is visually stunning and sets the mood that makes it seem like the movie came to life. Between the work that went into making the game as realistic as possible, and all of the exciting bonus features, The Mummy is an interactive fun experience that many other slot machines don’t even come close to offering players. The game is extremely popular at many online casinos that cater to players all over the world. It is likely to keep growing in popularity as it has worldwide appeal to players of all ages.