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The Angler

Slot game Review

Have you ever wanted to go fishing? Truth be told, there is nothing quite as relaxing as going fishing, on your own or with your friends. Well now, you can get an approximation of this experience by playing a slot game. That’s right, BetSoft have outdone themselves; and they have created a slot game on fishing called the Angler. For those of you that don’t know – BetSoft is one of the biggest companies in the world when it comes to the creation and design of online gambling games, including slots. So, is The Angler a solid slot game that you ought to check out?

the angler slot

Graphics and backstory of the game

Of course, you wouldn’t expect for much of a story when it comes to a slot game about fishing. Yet the basics are here – this game is all about a burly fisherman called Otis who’s obsessed with catching fish – and he’ll do anything in his power to get the biggest catch of his life. Your mission is to help him out with his objective, and you will do so by playing the game. We know, it’s not much of a story; but certain slot game creators have taken the trend of creating story arcs around slot games a bit too far – and The Angler goes for something more traditional. The effect remains powerful despite (or because of) its simplicity.

Feel like you’re on a fishing trip

The music is also pretty simple and relaxing; and you will be truly able to feel like you’re on a fishing trip while playing this game. The sounds are of high quality design, and they will really add to the quality of the game while you’re playing it.

the angler free spinsCore structure and features of The Angler slot

Chances are that by now you have played many slot games, and you know exactly what the deal is when it comes to slots. You place a bet, pull the lever or press the spin button, and then you pray and hope for the best. The reels will begin turning or spinning, and you will get a new combination of symbols which may win you some money if you’re lucky enough. The same goes for The Angler. The symbols are of higher and lower value. The high value symbols are Otis himself; and some exotic fish symbols.

Scatters & Wilds

The lower value symbols are those of card symbols such as the ace and the king – which is a bit uninspired and traditional. There’s a scatter symbol that will give you free spins, and the bonus feature here is that the wilds that are drawn during the free spins feature will get sticky, and they will remain on their place for the duration of the free spins feature. The bonus symbols will bring you to a bonus game where you have 6 tries to either pull a fish, or reel it in. You will be able to get up to three fish in this way, and all of them will bring you bonus coins.

Should you play The Angler?

The Angler is a game that definitely deserves a shot. You will have fun while imagining that you’re on a fishing trip, only you’re not fishing for fish – but for money!