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Space Wars

Few players can resist the lure of adorable space aliens. Even when they are engaged in battle, as they are in the online slot machine Space Wars from NetEnt, they are still fun to interact with. Different species of aliens fight each other throughout the game, keeping players on their toes from the first spin of the reels to the last. Each type of alien has its own monetary value in the game. The highest paying alien symbol resembles an orange octopus, followed by a wide-eyed green eyed alien and a different green alien that sports an evil grin and three eyes. The two lowest ranking aliens on the reels are a blue alien and one that resembles a large bat. And whereas most slot machine games fill out the rest of their symbols with playing cards, this one instead uses the baby aliens in their place.

With Space Wars Slot – NetEnt delivers on graphics

slot warsAside from the adorably colored aliens and their babies, other symbols seen on the reels are red crystals, which pay out the highest cash prizes in the game. The wild symbol is also very distinct and is one that players should look out for. When it appears on the reels it immediately takes over the game’s regular symbols. Groups of symbols then become wilds, making it much more likely players will win big.

The cloning feature

The main attraction of Space Wars is its cloning pod re-spins. This is what sets it apart from most other online slot machines. Anytime players get a winning combination of symbols on the reels, those symbols are removed from the reels and instead deposited into the cloning pod, where more of them are automatically generated. Once they have been cloned they end up back on the reels with the original aliens, almost guaranteeing players will walk away with a cash win.

Mobile version

Furthermore, players aren’t confined to accessing the game on their computers alone. Its mobile version is just as fun and as visually impressive as its desktop version. The same quality of graphics and gameplay are seen in the mobile version as well, so players can enjoy the game no matter where they go.

This game has a lot to offer that other online slots simply don’t. Its cloning feature makes the game worth playing for real money. Many have found that they would rather spend their hard earned money on Space Wars than other games that aren’t as exciting or as easy to win big on.

Short summary on the slot

The space/alien theme is not exactly new among online or land based slot machines. However, this one takes it one step further than many other similarly themed games do. It takes aliens and turns them from something scary into something that provides some lighthearted fun. Even the most skeptical players will enjoy aliens in slot machine games after trying this one. It has done a lot to show players how diverse and entertaining aliens can be. Space Wars is sure to continue entertaining players of all ages everywhere in the world where online casinos can be accessed. Check out the slot at any of our handpicked new casinos or play the demo somewhere you prefer. Have fun!