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Slot Review

There’s been an avalanche of rock based slot games that have been created recently. If you’re a fan of rock music, it means that you will like this recent development in the slot game industry. One such game that was created recently is the Motorhead slot game, and you can play it in many popular online casinos. The game itself was designed by the popular slot game creator NetEnt; a company dedicated to creating some of the greatest games that the world of online gambling has ever seen. So, below you will find some basic information on the Motorhead slot game.

motorhead slot

Music, graphics, theme

The Motorhead slot game will bring one new thing to the table – the songs of the legendary rock band Motorhead. In game you will be able to hear a few of their greatest hits, including the immortal “Ace of Spades”. Right as you’re about to start playing the game; you will be able to see an intro. The intro shows a video of the band Motorhead doing what they do best – rocking a concert.

Get’s the mood right

It’s an excellent way to introduce you to what the game is all about. And then it’s all casual, classical slot game playthrough. The graphics are neither particularly nice nor impressive – you will have the impression that you’re playing the game in a back area of a rock concert. Everything is gray and black – there are speakers in the background. Every once in a while; you will see flashy images, so as the game suggests – if you have a problem with seizures, you’d do well to keep away from this game.


The symbols at the Motorhead slot game vary, and you will be able to see the clover, the bell, the horseshoe, the cherries, and some other symbols. In order to see what their value is in a given combination, you will have to see the pay table. There’s also the wild symbol which will replace any other symbols that you may need for a winning combination.

motorhead slot

Motorhead Mystery symbols

The thing that this game introduces as a novelty is that at every spin, you will have a reel of mystery symbols, that will change to one of the game’s symbols. The game itself features incredible 76 pay lines in total – and they are all fixed, meaning you won’t be able to change their number. There’s also a bonus scatter symbol – if you hit three of these, then you will be given free spins.

Final verdict

The Motorhead slot game is an excellent way for you to pass your spare time, especially if you’re a fan of the legendary rock band Motorhead, and if you’re a rock music fan. Being able to hear first class classical rock music is an excellent way for you to have fun while having fun – the game itself is really fun to play, and you can play it for hours on end without feeling bored. Of course, the graphics may not be up to par – but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You may even like this aspect of the game as well.