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Giovanni’s Gems

Slot Review

Giovanni’s Gems is a game about a miner called Giovanny, on a mission to uncover riches. If you like slot games; then you know what they are all about – and Giovanni’s Gems are no exception to this. But truth be told, there are some interesting features that this game offers to the gamblers that will help draw your attention to it. So, what are some of these features we’re talking about? What are the graphics of this game like? And is it worthy of playing? Read on and find out.

 Giovanni’s Gems graphics

This is a game made by online gambling games developer BetSoft. And you know that this company puts a premium on game playability and the introduction of interesting and exciting features to spice up the gaming experience. So, don’t expect that you will be seeing exceptionally beautiful visuals in this game – in the form of animations and movies etc. Of course; this is not to say that the game looks like garbage – far from it.

giovanni's gems

It still packs a punch in the form of being easy on the eyes – though it’s nothing exceptional in this regard. And the music too is nothing out of the ordinary – it just serves to cement the feeling that you may have for the atmospheric value of the game. Other than that, the game is pleasant to look at; and you may find that you really enjoy the visuals that it has to offer.

 Rules and core elements

Giovanni’s Gems is a game that goes for another take on the tried and tested pay lines formula, and now there are cascading reels. There are different types of symbols, and at all times looms the possibility of chaos. The symbols themselves explode if you can make a winning combination; and new symbols take their place – this is the cascading reels feature that we have talked about. The new symbols that take the place of the old ones can also make new winning combinations; so this can theoretically last ad infinitum – the potential of making huge wins is really big in this game. If you see coal symbols on the reels, and they are attached to a winning symbol, then they will turn into diamonds, which will bring you additional coins in your purse.

giovanni's gems slot

Free Spin Feature

If you can get 5 or more Giovanny symbols on the reels, then you will activate a free spins feature. Depending on the number of Giovanny symbols that you have drawn, the number of free spins that you will get as a reward will go up or down. Finally, there’s always the option of gambling things up additionally, through the use of the flip of a card. You’ll be able to select black or red, and either double up your winnings, or lose them altogether.

Summary on Giovanni’s Gems

This is not a game that’s full of new and exciting features – nor does it feature exceptional visual effects. But for what it’s worth, it’s a really fun game that you can enjoy playing no matter who you are.