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Divine Fortune

Slot Review

There are a few games that stand out in the field of online slots. There are so many slot games in existence, that it may take multiple years of your life for you to be able to play through them all. But nobody would want this – as not all games are created equal – some are better than some others. So, you will want to play the best of the best when it comes to the quality of the game, and the return to player possibilities. One game that we definitely urge you to try out is the game called Divine Fortune.

divine fortune slot

Graphics and music of Divine Fortune slot

The game features no coherent story, unlike some other slot games. But this doesn’t make it any less interesting than its counterparts. The game, while featuring no story, still has a theme that it sticks with. And the theme is ancient mythology – by the looks of it, Ancient Greek mythology. By the way, ancient Greek mythology is a fascinating subject, and if you know anything about it, then chances are that you will like this game. There are various symbols that take places on the reels.


The symbol of highest value is the head of Medusa. Then there are symbols of various animals, such as the hawk and the lion. And finally, there are the classic card symbols, the jack, the queen, the king, etc. These are of lowest value. The graphics and design evokes a solemn feeling – and the music especially makes you feel this way, like you’re in some temple where gods are being worshipped. So, it kind of makes sense, since you’re playing slot machines and you put the results in the hands of higher powers. Perhaps lady luck will smile upon you today, and you will manage to hit the jackpot at this game.

Core structure and bonus symbols

The core structure of Divine Fortune is much alike that of most other slot games. You can add in bets and then make the reels spin. And you will make winning combinations on the pay lines. As simple as that. You will see that there 20 pay lines in total, and that their number is unchangeable. There are wild symbols and you will also find the good old scatter being present.

Falling Wilds

The wild symbols are unique in the sense that they are falling wild symbols – meaning that each wild symbol that you will get will slowly leave the screen during a few consecutive spins – which in turn means that you can reuse the same wild symbol multiple times. There’s the free spins symbol, which will give you a number of free spins, depending on how many free spins symbols you hit on the reels. Finally, there’s the scatter symbol which can bring you to the bonus game where you will be able to get big rewards for your troubles.

Verdict on Divine Fortune slot

It’s our sincere opinion that you will like this game if you try it out. After all, it’s designed by NetEnt, and this is a guarantee of quality in and of itself. Enjoy playing it!