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Boom Brothers

Slot review

Slot games are being created on a daily basis. Slot game creators have found that these types of games are really popular in the world of online gambling, and in fact, online casinos make the biggest money from the slot machines that they feature on their websites. Well, if you’re a casual player, then it’s easy to see why these games are getting increasingly popular. They are simple and everyone can understand them almost instantly. If you wish to play a really fun slot game, then we recommend you to try out NetEnt’s very own Boom Brothers.boom brothers 2 slot

Theme of the game

The Boom Brothers slot is a game about mines. In fact, the story goes as following: you will follow the saga of three dwarf miner brothers, and they are on a mission to find a treasure buried deep into the mountains. The intro explains all this – you will see the three dwarf brothers at the beginning of their trip deep into the inside of a mountain. And they will set out some explosives so that they can blow up the rocks that block the passage.

The craziest of them, the dwarf-brother with the big grin will blow the explosives up, and thus the game starts. You can see that this game has something to do with looking for treasure – and you as the player can really get into it by virtue of the fact that you too are hunting for treasure, since you’re playing slots. The game setting is into the mine, and the entire atmosphere is pertinent to this. There is no music, but there are some vague sounds in the background, of waterdrops falling on the little ponds in the caves.

Symbols and rules

This game features 20 pay lines, and their number is fixed. By our estimation, it’s a low volatility game, since there are frequent winning combinations on the reels. There are five reels and three rows, and you will get various symbols on these reels. The lowest of value are the mining equipment symbols – the hammers and helmets and buckets. Then there are the medium value symbols – they are in the form of some metallic items that look like human faces. Finally, there are the bonus symbols.

Boom Brothers 2

The first of them is the wild symbol, which will substitute any other symbol of the game if you need it for a winning combination. The second special symbol is the free spin symbol, and if you get at least three of them, you will activate the free spins feature. A cool thing to be aware of here is that there’s a multiplier bonus at these free spins, and you will get a 3x bonus on top of your winnings. Finally, there’s a bonus game that you can activate if you have five railtrack symbols on the reel. In the bonus game you will select a cart and you will have the three brothers racing to get to the gold. Based on who wins, you will get a variable sum of coins.

Final words on Boom Brothers slot

This is a game that’s incredibly fun. You will be able to spend hours on end playing it, if you decide to play it. It’s available at many of the top rated online casinos – so make sure that you try it out and see it for yourself.