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new features online casinos uk 2019

New features for online casinos in the UK 2019!

As we mentioned in our last post about no deposit bonus 2019 in the UK, the new year is slowly getting closer and we got some more exciting news for what to expect. To be able for casinos online to keep their players and/or attract new ones, special features are demanded. Due to the constant growth of new brands on the market, the competition is getting even stiffer in 2019. This is why we can be certain om many new and good bonus promotions and other interesting stuff. We will run you through some of the news we think is to be expected for UK online casino 2019.

No account casinos starting to pop up!

new features online casinos uk 2019From what we have seen in some countries, online casinos without an account is starting to grow. By connecting your bank to the casino, you are able to play in a very easy way. Lightning fast deposits and withdrawals make this a neat way to play. This is also something that we see is starting to be a part of the UK industry, even though the technical bits aren’t as solid as in some Scandinavian countries. Yet. However, we do believe that the UK no account casinos will grow in 2019 and surely be a part of the market in some way.

Tailor-made bonus offers in 2019

From what we hear, next step when it comes to casino bonuses is to get them more tailor-made for each and every player. Today, most casinos’ offer the same welcome bonus for all players, as an example. Different players got different demands, and to appeal to them all in such a good way as possible – tailor-made bonus offers might be the trick. If you mostly are into free spins, this should be able to get. Same goes with deposit bonuses. Or maybe cash back. Even though this results in a bit more admin work for the new online casinos in 2019 in the UK, we believe this is the totally right way to go.

Betting is something that constantly is growing as well. The new Virtual Sports have added a whole new world of betting. Here you can gamble at virtual matches in football, hockey and much more. Normal betting has also expanded to being able to bet on a wider variety of games. Now you can gamble at matches in lower ice-hockey divisions in Latvia and much more. So, if you are interested in gambling at how Dinamo Riga will win against HK Zemgale, it is now possible!

That’s it for now. We are looking forward to seeing what other features that will show up, and we will keep you up-to-date as well, of course!