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Most popular card games

There are many different card games that are fun to play. It could be anything from black jack to poker. In this post, we will list some of the best card games that you not played with money. We think that since you like to play games you will most likely like to play these games as well with your friends and family.

Canadian Salad

Canadian is played will a regular 52-card deck. It is a trick-taking game that suits people of all ages. The goal is to avoid different cards. The game is mostly played in Canada but is played all over North America. In the USA the game is called Wisconsin Scramble. Check out the Canadian salad card game rules and how to make the point system. It can take a while to learn the point system in your head so it can be good to have a cheat sheet.

BullShit /Cheat / I Doubt It

This game has many different names and is played all around the world. In this card game, you will try to get rid of your hand (cards) as fast as you can. It is played with between 3 to 10 players and with a regular 52 deck card with no joker card. The game type is Shedding and could be played with both family and friends. For more information find the Bullshit card game rules and different variations of the game. It is a really fun card game to play.


Scat is the last game that we will list in this article. It is getting increasingly popular and can be played within all ages. This card game is played with a 52 card deck and the game type is a draw and discard. Normally you play 3-9 people but is best for around 4 people. Discover the Scat card game rules and learn how many to set up the game. This game is also named 31 or Blitz depending on where you live.