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Why hot streaks don’t last in casino games


Every gambler and avid follower of gambling and casino games usually look forward to a hot streak. The big question on the lips of a novice is, what is a hot streak and why don’t they last in casino games? Read on to find out. A hot streak is usually

New features for online casinos in the UK 2019!


As we mentioned in our last post about no deposit bonus 2019 in the UK, the new year is slowly getting closer and we got some more exciting news for what to expect. To be able for casinos online to keep their players and/or attract new ones, special features are

Game of Thrones


Slot Review If you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years or so; then Game of Thrones is an award-winning series based in a fictional world where a few mighty families wage an epic war in order to get to the iron throne. It’s a simple

Divine Fortune


Slot Review There are a few games that stand out in the field of online slots. There are so many slot games in existence, that it may take multiple years of your life for you to be able to play through them all. But nobody would want this – as

The Angler


Slot game Review Have you ever wanted to go fishing? Truth be told, there is nothing quite as relaxing as going fishing, on your own or with your friends. Well now, you can get an approximation of this experience by playing a slot game. That’s right, BetSoft have outdone themselves;

Giovanni’s Gems


Slot Review Giovanni’s Gems is a game about a miner called Giovanny, on a mission to uncover riches. If you like slot games; then you know what they are all about – and Giovanni’s Gems are no exception to this. But truth be told, there are some interesting features that

Compare Casinos Online


What the best casino is, is of course very individual, and therefore we like to compare casinos online. We have designed our casino pages so that you can compare online casinos according to what you think is important. The casinos we list her on the site are all good alternatives,

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