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Casino Trends in 2020

After ending the first quarter of 2020 we clearly see some ongoing trends for online casino and we expect more in 2020. In the coming years, licensed online casinos are expected to invest more in technical developments, as more and more new inventions are entering the market.

Online casino trends in 2020 include everything from new games to new technology. Most of the news is exciting and fun, but we also see troublesome trends where more and more casinos accept UK players without holding a gambling license issued by the Gambling Commission.

To find the right online casino, a comparison of different casino sites is recommended. The casino should then be selected for its offering as well as for its gaming responsibilities. We are always listing new UK casinos that are competitive and offer you great entertainment.

Five Casino Trends in 2020

This year we have seen some fun and entertaining news from the online casino industry. Some of the trends, such as AI, are still in very early stages and will continue to develop and some trends, such as the introduction of 5G, will have a paradigm impact once introduced. Some trends are not really news, but rather a development of ideas that have been around for a long time.

One thing is certain, however, the technical advances will become better all aiming at making it easier and more fun to play.

casino trends 2020

AI in online casino

AI is a clear trend in online casinos. It has been around some time, but 2020 seems to be the year AI really comes into play on a larger scale. Already, there are AI programs that help poker players practice their skills.

Now we see AI being used in the form of chatbots that can answer simpler questions and facilitate the work of customer services and support functions. It will give human customer service workers more time to work on issues that require extra attention. AI can also be used for analysis and suggest bonuses and casino games based on the player’s previous games.

Unlicensed casinos on the rise

A very troubling casino trend in 2020 is that more and more casinos offer UK players the possibility to play on unlicensed casinos. Unlicensed casinos are those casinos not holding a proper online casino license from the UKGC. Hence, they are not supervised by the Gambling Commission and not part of Gamstop, being the self-exclusion system in the UK.

Most of these casinos are licensed elsewhere such as Malta and Curacao and there are even cynical marketing of such casinos using phrases like Casinos not on Gamstop and unlicensed casinos. We expect the UKGC will address this issue in 2020 and that such bad activities will go away or be punished.

More payment methods

It has become more common with very easy identification methods at online casinos, which cater for a lot faster payment methods. This is one of the most obvious casino trends in 2020. More and more casinos offer better, faster and safer payment methods than before. And this trend is only increasing.

Still, card payments are the most common payment method but it has received competition from online payment services. To ease your gambling it is important to choose a payment method working just for you. This is why the increase of online payments and e-wallets are important for casinos online. Therefore, you should always look for what payment methods an online casino is offering before signing up, to make sure it suits you.


This year is named the “year of 5G”, by mobile giant Three. The 5G network is live and is rapidly being rolled out. The new network is expected to be up to 20 times faster than the fixed fiber network. This will open up for a more connected infrastructure and for the Internet of Things. It will have a huge impact on the casino market as all potential laggings and delays will disappear completely. It will be possible for game developers to produce graphically demanding games and it opens up to VR and AR casino.

The casino market seems to be willing to adapt but there are still a lot of things, not yet invented that will change the casino market forever due to 5G.

We don’t really know where we are going with 5G, we only know that it will be fast. When I speak game producers they speak of cinematics totally unheard of before. For live casino producers, the games will be at the same pace as a Las Vegas casino floor and, in addition to that, other offers can be pushed in milliseconds to the players.

Not until five years from now, we will fully understand what 5G can give us.

VR and AR

VR casinos are not new, but by 2020 the technology can be developed much, much more. A faster network would allow developers to develop VR and AR casinos where the real experience is enhanced. With a VR set it could be possible to step into a “real” casino and really sit down at the gaming tables or slot machines. The AR technology could enhance the feeling by allowing the player to bring up the slot machines or the dealer in front of him via eg. a mobile camera.

2020 casino trends summary

These are just some of the expected casino trends in 2020 that we have seen so far. The purpose of all the trends is to make it easier to play online. At the same time, game development is expected to be more innovative as a faster network and smarter technology will open up even more types of games and without any restrictions on size, due to the fast internet.