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The benefits of online games

Online gaming has become very popular these days. From kids to senior citizens, everyone seems to enjoy this form of video playing. Almost 1 in every four internet users use internet for playing online. Though many believe that playing too much online might have some negative impact on the person’s social and emotional health, researchers have proved otherwise. Numerous studies have demonstrated that by playing online on a regular basis has its own set of advantages. Kids can benefit from games as they increase concentration. Old aged people can help through increased memory retention. Adults can use online gaming platform for social interaction. By developing hand-eye coordination and some motor skills, online gaming also affect the brain positively. Here is a list of the benefits of gaming online. One of our favourite games is New Online Casinos, we often use the guide over at https://www.new-onlinecasinos.uk/. They always list the latest 2018 new online casinos in the United Kingdom every day.

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Online gaming reduces Anxiety and depression

People suffering from depression and anxiety can benefit positively by playing online regularly. By playing with a partner helps alleviate the mood and increase positivity. Studies have shown that playing 20 minutes of playing affects the heart rate positively. A person who sits in front of the TV or just surfs internet does not benefit in such way. Through games, people find partners and competitors. This helps them socially too. They do not feel lonely and can respond better to real life social situations also. Since games provide a level playing field for all, it boosts healthy competition. The option of retries increases motivation level in people. They do not get dampened by failures and are eager to try again in real life situations too.

Different gaming have positive impact on the brain

There are varieties of games available today. There are online races, memory games, treasure hunts and so on. Each game impacts the player in different ways. Certain games help improve memory and speed for gamers. Old aged people benefit from such type of games. Studies have even shown that playing helped with dementia-related problems. As people grow old, they stop using certain parts of their brain. By playing a variety of sports help stimulate the unused parts of the brain. Games help kids improve their concentration levels. Puzzle and treasure hunt help develop the problem solving, reasoning and logic skills of children.

Gaming can help reduce trauma and pain

One of most surprising benefits of gaming online is its ability to handle pain in a better way. Studies have shown that people who receive painful treatment respond to treatment better when playing. As an example, people receiving burn injury treatment can cope with their pain in a better way when they play certain online games. Online playing also help victims of traumatic accidents. These people suffer from memory flashbacks resulting in insomnia, depression and anxiety. They tend to withdraw socially too. By introducing such people to certain types of games help them deal with their trauma in a better way. The memory flashbacks reduce, thus assisting the victim to eat and sleep well.